Peer Health and Sexuality Education

Peer Health and Sexuality Education (PHASE) aims to educate and empower young women and increase access to teen reproductive health services in D.C. PHASE was created to ensure that teen women in D.C. have access to all of the information, support, and health services they need to livehealthy lives.
PHASE works in three main ways:
1) PHASE staff lead comprehensive sexuality education trainings at DC public high schools; The central component of PHASE, Human Sexuality and Reproduction, is a .5 credit course including 75 hours of interactive, comprehensive instruction on a range of reproductive health and wellness issues mandated by D.C. municipal regulations. The training, presented by both teen and adult instructors, includes group work, games and demonstrations, speakers, films, and individual growth projects --facilitating personal growth, increasing teens in reproductive knowledge, and creating opportunities to practice skills. We also include parent-focused information and homework activities, and events.
2) PHASE's peer educator program puts teen women in the classroom training their peers and allows them to serve as advocates by designing and implementing school-wide projects; Each spring, PHASE recruits 6-20 teen trainers from DCPS sites who go through an intensive 8 week, 25 hours per week training, which moves them beyond self-advocates to become experts on reproductive health issues and workshops facilitators.
3) Finally, PHASE works to implement long-term institutional change through teen-led campaigns focused on access to services and reproductive rights. Similar to FCC teens, PHASE teens also participate in campaign and community organizing training, through which they learn critical analysis of social systems, leadership development, community organizing and movement building, and campaign development. With these skills in hand, FCC teens launch and develop issue campaigns to increase the effectiveness of D.C. teen-serving institutions.
PHASE staff are trained in facilitation, reproductive health, peer support and referrals, reproductive justice, organizing, and advocacy. All work is led by teens with ongoing guidance and support from adult staff.
We are currently recruiting for our 2013-2014 PHASE staff! If you are a teen woman in a DCPS high school and are interested in applying, download this application and email it to Aurora Muñoz at Applications are due Friday, October 4th.