Peer Health and Sexuality Education

The Peer Health and Sexuality Education Project (PHASE) is a teen-adult partnership that works to improve DC teens’ reproductive health by expanding comprehensive sexuality education, ensuring access to community and school based reproductive health care, and engaging teen women and men as peer educators and decision makers on reproductive health issues. YWP’s model engages youth on three levels: First, we employ youth and invest in their development!  We hire 40-50 youth campaign staff each year who receive 150+ hours of training and work 6 (school year) to 25 (summer) hours a week to educate youth, conduct research, and advocate.  We hire an additional 35-75 youth as health educators who work 4-6 hours a week in schools to educate peers and distribute condoms. Next, YWP advocates for policies and programs that increase rights, resources, and job opportunities for underresourced youth. In 2014, our advocacy created more than 231 part time jobs for youth and expanded rights and resources for 1,400 foster youth.  Finally, we  support youth serving organizations through the DC-Peer Educators Network (DC-PEN) and the Youth Health Educators Program through technical assistance, training, curricula, and paid youth educator slots for  organizations across the city so that they can hire youth and contribute to youth health outcomes.