Is FC2 Right For You?

By: DeOjinae’ Bell, YWP PHASE Youth Staff

FC2 stands for Female Condom 2, a second generation condom.  Back in the 1980s there was an first generation female condom called FC1 invented. The FC1 did not receive much positive feedback; it was too noisy, expensive, made of polyurethane (latex), and only water-based lubricants could be used with it. The material used to create the FC1 was changed in September 2005, but that wasn’t enough.  So in October 2009 the complete product line had been changed and is now manufactured by The Female Health Company. Under a new company the FC2, which is made from Nitrile Polymer (non-latex), was created.  It is inexpensive, and both water and oil-based lubricants can be used with the FC2.

Not Enough Money in ILP’s

 By:  Samaria Holton, YWP Foster Care Campaign Youth Staff


When youth begin to age out of Independent Living Programs (ILPs), they don’t have anything to fall back on. Most youth are struggling while they are in their placement, or are stressing about what their next step will be once they age out. This is because there isn’t enough money given to youth in ILPs. ILP stipends should be increased by $400 (to $938 for a month) in all ILPs so that young people can be able to save, have a social life, and reduce their illegal activity. 

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