Employment Impact

Our Impact

YWP employed more than 250 youth this year and paid more than $140,000 in part time wages. Our youth staff received hundreds of hours of training and management support, and made significant inroads solving community problems. They distributed 96,697 condoms (male, female, and flavored), conducted 24,356 educational interventions, and made 927 individual clinic referrals. They worked side-by-side adult staff to develop and pass new DC Health Education Standards, more youth jobs, expanded after school programming, and other areas. They trained150 health teachers, collected data from more than 500 youth on health, violence, education, and other issues, cultivated more than 200 relationships with administrators and teachers in DC public and charter schools, presented more than 50 testimonies to Council Committees in health and education, and provided youth outreach for school-based STI-HIV testing.