Foster Care & Emancipated Youth Need

The Need

YWP’s child welfare work is focused on the development and needs of older youth who make up about half of the youth in care population (458 out of 1,061 in 2016) and a sizable percentage of the in-home population of 1,800.  Better placements combined with policies that have ensured their rights (FYRRA, allowance for clothing, transportation, etc) have improved the quality of life for youth in care.  However, youth aging out of foster care lack the guidance, support and resources necessary to sustain their lives post-emancipation therefore they experience homelessness, and unemployment at a high rate. In FY2114, 37 youth out of 123 were employed at the time of aging out.  In education, 58 out of 344 eligible youth 18-20 were enrolled in college; two graduated.