Advisory Neighborhood Commissions

About Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (ANCs)

ANCS are bodies of local government in Washington, D.C. Created in 1974, ANCs consider a wide range of policies from traffic and parking to police protection and D.C.’s annual budget. ANC’s are led by a commissioner that serves two-year terms and do not receive a salary.ANCs can help you become a representative of your neighborhood community to the various government agencies, the Mayor, and DC Council. You become the voice of your community. Being involved in your ANC, either as a commissioner or just attending meetings, gives you the opportunity to become more directly involved in local government.

Locate Your ANC:  Below you will find more information about locating your ANC. If you would like to learn what Ward and ANC you reside in, please click here. If you know which Ward you reside in, you can click on the corresponding link below for more information about your ANC.

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Calendars:  If you would like to find out when your next ANC meeting is scheduled, please click here.

Questions:  If you have a question for the Office of Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, please click here.