DC Government Councils and Institutes

DC State Board of Education Student Advisory Committee is composed of 15 high school students, this committee serves as members of the DC State Board of Education. Even though they cannot officially vote on anything, the student advisors can have their voices heard. If you want more information you can email the State Board at sboe@dc.gov. If you would like to apply, click here.

Contact: John-Paul C. Hayworth, Executive Director,  (202) 741-0884, John-Paul.Hayworth@dc.gov.


DC Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) is  part of the Office of State Superintendent of Education (OSSE), the YAC is made up of 21 middle and high school students in the District of Columbia. Every week, YAC members meet to share their knowledge and expertise around adolescent health issues. If you are interested, you can contact OSSE.HYDT@dc.gov.

Contact: Ms. Sombo Pujeh, MPH, Sexual Health Education Specialist, 202- 741-5932; sombo.pujeh@dc.gov.


District of Columbia Youth Advisory Council (DC-YAC) is a 32-member youth body united to improve the quality of life in DC. Representing all wards as well as various social, racial, and economic backgrounds, this council responds to legislation and policies, and reviews youth programs. If you are interested, you can apply here.

Contact: 202-727-7966, dcyac@dc.gov


Marion Barry Youth Leadership Institute  trains District of Columbia youth in the concepts of leadership and self-development. Leadership development training begins for members of the Institute at age 14, and generally concludes at age 17, when they are ready for college or other post-secondary opportunities.

Contact: 202-698-3492, youthjobs@dc.gov