Quality School Food

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What is healthy school food?

Good food should not only focus on taste or nutrition- it should be both. This is what you should be receiving at your school. Schools should not only care about what is good for your body, but also good for your taste buds. If they only care about one, then they are not serving what they promised. Many students still report undercooked or overcooked foods, foods at improper temperatures, visually unappetizing entrees, and sometimes old or inadequate amounts of food.

Things you should know

Only 48.38 percent of high school age students in DC take advantage of the food that the school system provides.
More than 75 percent of students can get lunch for a free or reduced price. School breakfast, after school snack, and after school supper meals are absolutely free for ALL DCPS students. This means that when a lot of students could get food for free, many choose not to. It’s important to let people know why you aren’t eating that food. You don’t have to be spending your money on food, since the school should provide good-tasting and healthy food. It’s important that people know why you aren’t eating that food, so that things can change.

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