Contact the Mayor and City Council

Office of the Mayor

The Mayor of the District of Columbia is the head of the government of Washington, D.C. The Mayor enforces all city law, oversees all city agencies, city departments, sets forth the policies and agendas to the Council, and prepares and submits the city budget. The Mayor has the right to approve or veto bills passed by the DC Council.

Muriel Bowser


Address: John A. Wilson Building, 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20004

Phone: 202 - 724 - 2643

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Chief of Staff: John Falcicchio  Click here to email. 

City Administrator: Rashad Young. Click here to email. 

Director of Mayor's Office of Community Affairs: Charon Hines. Click here to email  

Director of Mayor's Office of Community Relations: Tommie Jones. Click here to email 
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Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services  (DMHHS):

About: The Office of the Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services (DMHHS) supports the Mayor in coordinating a comprehensive system of benefits, goods and services across multiple agencies to ensure that children, youth and adults, with and without disabilities, can lead healthy, meaningful and productive lives.

Address:  1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Suite 223, Washington, DC 20004

Office Hours: Monday-Friday;  9am – 5:30pm
Metro: Metro Center (Red), Gallery Place (Green, Yellow)

General Phone:    (202) 727-7973.; General

DMHHS Staff List:

Brenda Donald, Deputy Mayor,

Rachel Joseph, Chief of Staff, ; 202-727-7973

Christian Barrera, Policy Advisor – Health Policy,;  (202) 727-2320

Rashida Brown, Policy Analyst,

Jenna Cevasco, Senior Policy Advisor,

Marcus Ellis, Safer, Stronger DC Community Partnerships Manager,

Kristy Greenwalt, Executive Director, Interagency Council on Homelessness,

Gail Kohn, Age-Friendly DC Coordinator,

Nick Kushner, Age-Friendly DC Strategic Analyst,

Tina Roper, Executive Assistant,

Theresa Silla, Policy Advisor, Interagency Council on Homelessness,

Jennifer Valdivieso, Program Analyst – Constituent Services,

DC Council

The Council ( is the central and chief policy-making body for D.C. In this role, the Council’s main purpose is to make laws, but the Council also is responsible for oversight of multiple agencies, commissions, boards, and other instruments of District government.  Led by the Chairman, D.C. Council is made up of thirteen members working towards improving the quality of life in the District. Each of the eight wards in the District of Columbia elects a representative to the Council. The additional five councilmembers are elected at-large which means they represent the entire city.

Address: 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 504, Washington, DC 20004



Phil Mendelson 

Chair, Committee of the Whole

Email:; Phone: 202 - 724 – 8032


At-Large Councilmembers

David Grosso (Member of the Committee on Health and Human Services)

Chair, Committee on Education

Email:; Phone: 202 - 724 - 8105


Anita Bonds 

Chair, Committee on Housing and Community Development

Email:; Phone: 202 - 724 - 8064


Elissa Silverman 

Email:; Phone: 202 - 724 - 7772


Vincent Orange 

Chair, Committee on Business, Consumer, and Regulatory Affairs

Email:; Phone: 202 - 724 - 8174


Ward 1

Brianne Nadeau (Member of the Committee on Health and Human Services)

Email:; Phone: 202 - 724 - 8181


Ward 2

Jack Evans 

Chair, Committee on Finance and Revenue

Email:; Phone: 202 - 724 - 8058


Ward 3

Mary M. Cheh (Member of the Committee on Health and Human Services)

Chair, Committee on  Transportation and the Environment

Email:; Phone: 202 - 724 - 8062


Ward 4

Brandon T. Todd 

Email:; Phone: 202 - 724 - 8052


Ward 5

Kenyan McDuffie 

Chair, Committee on the Judiciary

Email:; Phone: 202 - 724 - 8028


Ward 6

Charles Allen 

Email:; Phone: 202 - 724 - 8072


Ward 7

Yvette Alexander (Chair of the Committee on Health and Human Services)

Chair, Committee on Health and Human Services

Email:; Phone: 202 - 724 - 8068


Ward 8

LaRuby May (Member of the Committee on Health and Human Services)

Email:; phone: 202 - 724 - 8045


Committee on Health and Human Services


Rayna Smith, Esq., Committee Director, (202) 724-8170,

Yulondra Barlow, Director of Human Services, ,(202) 724-8170,

Malcolm Cameron, Legislative Aide, (202) 724-8170,

Osazee Imadojemu, MPH, Esq., Legislative Counsel, (202)-724-8170,